Marteria x Plant for Future | The Amazon Job - The forest is not enough

Iquitos March 2022

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We are in the largest city in the world that cannot be reached by road. It stinks of marine diesel, turtles are traded as a soup ingredient and seven still very pale Rostockians are in joyful anticipation of boarding the next nutshell without losing expensive equipment.

Even deeper into the green jungle, even less planning security, even further away from all the comforts of civilisation and security such as hospitals. Almost three weeks of impressive nature lie ahead of us and nobody knows what it will actually be in the end. So we follow the course of the largest river system on earth, the Amazon.

Today, almost a year later, we know exactly what it was supposed to be and are still in the process of mastering the challenge Mother Nature has set us. Or, to use Marten’s words, to do the “Amazon job”. The documentary takes you into Amazonia’s madness, encounters with people who almost paid for their “Amazon job” with their lives, shows those who mine their own dental gold and portrays the beauty of the animal inhabitants. If you want to know what our Amazon job involves, you can watch our entire documentary with Marteria on YouTube. (Link at the end of the report)

Photographer “Chris Schwarz”
Photographer “Chris Schwarz”
Photographer “Chris Schwarz”

Did you know that Marten wrote the song “Forest” while travelling through the Amazon?

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The song (with the Norddeutsche Philharmonie Rostock) and the documentary: “Der Amazonas Job – Der Wald ist nicht genug” was premiered in Rostock, our home town, more precisely in the Volkstheater Rostock on 17-18.11.22. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those who attended three sold-out performances at the Volkstheater Rostock.

The presentation with various Rostock school classes and the subsequent Q&A session are particularly memorable. Three days later, we are still struggling to find a hope-giving answer to the question: “Why don’t we just buy the whole rainforest?”

Unfortunately, we don’t have the funds for the whole rainforest, but we have found a great piece of 40 hectares of intact primary rainforest where the fantastic tree climber “Ranitomeya Fantastica -nominat-” still lives. You can find out more about this topic in our impact report.

Click here for our Peru impact report:

Rainforest in Peru

Help us with this! Make Marteria’s mission our joint Amazon job! A contribution of just €5 protects 1m² primary rainforest in the Amazon, plus planting a tree in our native forests in Germany in line with our guiding principle: “Preserve existing forests, create new forests.”.

Thank you Marteria and team
Thank you COAL
Thank you Volkstheater Rostock
Thank you North German Philharmonic Orchestra
Thank you Louisa Schneider

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