Our partners

Agrargesellschaft Neuensund mbH

Agrargesellschaft Neuensund is our friendly partner company when it comes to planting trees in Mecklenburg-VorpommernGermany. With over 250 hectares of mixed forest in Strasburg (Uckermark), they have a real natural treasure at their disposal. As a result of the storm-induced tree breakage and the bark beetle infestation of the spruce, clearings are created in the middle of the forest, which we reforest with hardwoods such as copper beech. In this way, we support natural forest regeneration and accelerate the regeneration of the forest.

Wilderness International

The non-profit foundation “WILDERNESS INTERNATIONAL” has been campaigning for the protection of rainforests and intact ecosystems since 2008. The Madre de Dios region (Peru) is home to a special treasure trove of unspoilt nature and biodiversity. The foundation buys up intact primary rainforest areas, protects them from economic exploitation and thus makes a significant contribution to the preservation of the Amazon rainforest. Research, educational work and the involvement of the local population are crucial for long-term protection and part of the integrative concept of Wilderness International.


Rainforest of the Austrians

The “Rainforest of the Austrians” association has been active in Costa Rica since 1991. The focus is on buying back land previously used for commercial purposes and renaturalising it. The aim is to create a green corridor between isolated national parks and the Pacific coast in order to maintain genetic diversity and the migratory behaviour of various species. In order to protect these areas in the long term, gamekeepers are employed, sustainable ecotourism and tropical research are carried out and the local population is involved. There is a sustainable concept for the protection of nature.