The project

Three friends – One vision

Plant for Future was founded by three friends who were plagued by a guilty conscience: “It is our lifestyle that is upsetting the world and displacing other ways of life.”

This realisation gave rise to the idea of changing our own behaviour and inspiring as many people as possible to give something back to our planet. The grievances and problems caused by human behavior are manifold and can never be resolved by one solution alone. Essential for the destruction of our environment is
the immense loss of forest since the beginning of industrialization in the late 18th century. This not only contributes to habitat loss and the associated extinction of species, but together with the burning of fossil fuels is a major cause of global warming.

Plant for Future is a social platform with the declared aim of protecting intact ecosystems and renaturalizing already devastated areas of our planet. Ganz nach dem Motto „Bestehende Wälder erhalten, neue Wälder erschaffen.“

3 Freunde

Our picture of the seasons in front of a beautiful oak tree in Lindenpark in Rostock, our home town

Our picture of the seasons in front of a beautiful oak tree in Lindenpark in Rostock, our home town

How can you help?

For 5 euros you plant a tree and protect a square meter of rainforest from economic exploitation. In addition, we distribute the surpluses generated from the collected contributions to our partners worldwide to help them, for example, with the creation of wildlife corridors, the reforestation of former biotopes or the protection of primary forests. But your contribution goes beyond this! Through the playful competition, you use your multiplier effect for the protection of Mother Nature. Create a profile, take part in our challenges, offset your CO2 emissions, link your contribution to Plant for Future with your other social media channels and inspire friends and acquaintances to do the same. Because only together can we mitigate climate change and help our planet to recover.

Companies and their responsibility

Their influence is far greater than that of most private individuals. Although we can influence companies through our customers’ wishes, it is ultimately up to them to decide whether their value creation is sustainable and resource-efficient. But the pressure is mounting. Companies that think they can escape the environmental challenges of the 21st century are playing high stakes.

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The expectations of your customers are changing irreversibly. In order to comply with this newly emerging awareness and thus also guarantee the long-term competitiveness of the company, measures must be taken that incur costs. Costs that our nature has so far borne. Or who ever paid a tree a salary for sequestering the carbon it produced? We must ensure that our environment will continue to be able to perform these vital tasks in the future. We, as Plant for Future GmbH, would like to help you position yourself for the future. Commit to nature, make your value creation more sustainable, create a balance for your resource consumption and advertise with it. Create a “challenge” with us or try to top the tree in our giant tree ranking. Your employees, customers and children will thank you for it.

Our promise

Despite all the playful components that our platform offers, the intention behind it is a serious and highly urgent one. Credibility and transparency are our top priorities. Just as we put our partners through their paces to save the environment, you too can take a look at our balance sheets. We are committed to openly communicating all payments, which are published in a final report prepared at the end of the year, thus guaranteeing you a clear overview of our use of funds.

The history of our logo


“Ranitomeya Amazonica”

The Amazon tree climber is our mascot and adorns the Plant for Future logo.

With a body size of only about two centimeters, it can fit on a human thumbnail. And despite this miniature form, it is in no way inferior to other species known for their colorful appearance. 16 species and hundreds of color variants of the genus Ranitomeya are known and each of these variants has a very limited local distribution area. These are often only a few square kilometers. This means that any logging or deforestation in the forests of South America could spell the end for one of these unique varieties. This variant of the Amazon treecreeper has a distribution area of an estimated 70 kilometers around the city of Iquitos. Iquitos is located in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon region and is the world’s largest city that cannot be reached by road. The capital of the Loreto region can only be reached by plane or boat across the Amazon. Anyone who concludes from this that it is an idyllic little place in the forest is mistaken. Iquitos has around 400,000 inhabitants and a drive for expansion that is eating into the frogs’ habitat and thus threatening intact primary and secondary forests. Our aim is to protect these forests with your help, not only to save our mascot from extinction, but also to preserve the uniqueness of the Amazon forests and their benefits for the global ecosystem in a state that is indispensable for mini frogs and humans alike.