Give trees as a gift to your loved ones - receive a personalized certificate

Tired of the annual consumer goods? Are you looking for a suitable gift or just want to say “thank you”? We have just the thing for you. With our gift idea, you’re not only bringing joy to your loved ones, but also doing something for your karma and our nature. So what could be more fitting than giving a piece of new life to preserve our wonderful earth?

Marteria has a message for you!

For only 5€ you give away a planted tree and protect 1m² of tropical rainforest in the Amazon. You will receive a digital certificate with the name of the recipient. Printed on recycled paper and wrapped in newsprint, you are on the safe, in this case green, side.

It’s that easy – in 5 minutes. you have your gift


1. register and create a profile on our environmental protection platform.

2. now plant the number of trees you want to give away with your logged-in profile.

3. very important! Now enter the name of your loved one in the check-out. This name will then appear on the certificate.

4. the digital certificate is automatically sent to your e-mail. Now you can give it away as you wish.

Thank you for your trust and your motivation to protect intact ecosystems and plant new trees in Germany with us. True to our guiding principle: “Preserve existing forests, create new forests.”