What can you do?

What can you do?

As complex and varied as the problems of the 21st century may be, there are just as many answers and solutions. The biggest task will be to convince people to trust science and follow its solutions. That means doing without. Something that seems to be the hardest thing for the human species to do. But there are no options. If we don’t manage to educate the world’s population now and persuade them to rethink, we will forever lose the kind of diverse world worth living in that still exists today. What can we do?

Renunciation implies many solutions in different areas of our daily lives. If I buy an organic product instead of a conventional one, I save money. If I don’t take a plastic bag at the checkout, I give up a little bit of my well-rehearsed ignorance. If I use public transport to get the shopping home, I don’t need the convenience of a car. In return, I give a whole lot. I save our atmosphere from greenhouse gas emissions, I support their producers by buying sustainable products and I send a signal to retailers that I am prepared to spend more on good products. At home, I also act as a good role model and “I” can eventually become “we”. A “we” that cannot be ignored by industry or politics.

Sustainability has many facets

Here are a few tips:

  • Buy regional and seasonal
  • Less meat
  • do without unnecessary packaging material
  • Repairing, sharing and borrowing instead of constantly buying new items
  • Using renewable energies instead of fossil fuels
  • Use electricity and water sparingly
  • Leave the car parked as often as possible
  • Use public transport
  • buy from companies that follow the idea of sustainability
  • Always educate yourself and stay on topic
  • Educate and convince people

And, of course, plant trees with us and protect existing rainforests in the process.

Planting trees