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With his first work, Robert Marc Lehmann gives us an insight into what serious environmental protection means. Lots of hardship, mortal danger, a good dose of frustration in the face of the idiocy of our species and sometimes even the feeling of hope that we humans will get our act together. We absolutely recommend buying it, and not just because every copy sold protects a square meter of rainforest.

Robert Marc Lehmann, a man who has experienced both sides. The sinner, but above all the environmentalist, makes no secret of this and therefore provides particularly authentic insights. Insights into a sometimes military-like operation, accompanied by former military personnel. In doing so, he puts his life at risk and goes without all the things we take for granted in everyday Western life for weeks on end. “We’ve already driven past the small hotel complex three times. Nobody wanted to say anything, but everyone thought the same thing. Clean sheets and towels, a real pillow, cold, at least cool water from a real shower. We hadn’t had any of that for months.” Weeks later, Robert finds himself in a classroom. “In the schools, I can directly feel how I ignite the kids with my experiences. Fires that spread and perhaps burn for a lifetime. I see the change live, in color, when I’m at the same school for the eighth time. The solar panels on the roof, the school kiosk with organic products, no more fish on Fridays, more vegetarian and vegan dishes in the school meals, environmental clubs, meticulous waste separation …” Impressions that confirm to him once again that it’s worth it. Of course, not everyone sees it that way. Parents from whom you would expect more, because you trust them to have more life experience and foresight, like to express themselves as follows: “Thank you, Mr. Lehmann! My child no longer eats fish sticks and Nutella, we are no longer allowed to go to the zoo and I now have to build insect hotels and identify butterflies all the time.” The dry answer: “You have a very clever child. Congratulations!”

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Robert Marc Lehmann,
“Mission Earth”
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Shark fins –
Ruthless insights into an unscrupulous business

Robert’s personal passion and the focus of his work is underwater. It is fish, especially sharks and marine mammals, that deserve most of his attention and not only make him dive into the planet’s remaining coral reefs, but also make him inspect fish markets worldwide. There is no room for pacifism on these expeditions or missions, as he calls them himself. “The stupid thing is, if you are confronted by a poacher with an AK-47 in Africa or a Peruvian fisherman with a machete and revolver, then the “Peace for everyone campaign” developed at the air-conditioned desk in the Green Peace headquarters is of very little use. Keyword fish market. These often bring together all the evidence of the outrages on the high seas. First and foremost are the mountains of the main ingredient of the “stupidest soup in the world”. Shark fins. “At many semi-luxurious weddings, up to 150 portions of soup are served at a price of up to 100 dollars per plate. This is a very “special” way for the groom to show how much he cares about his guests. And how stupid he is at the same time. Because sharks are top predators. They accumulate pretty much everything that floats in the sea. The cartilage parts are also completely tasteless. So the wedding party eats a soup whose basic substance consists of vegetables and chicken broth, is tasteless in its fin parts and more or less poisonous. And all for a mere 100 dollars per person. Pricelessly stupid.”

Shark fins –
Ruthless insights into an unscrupulous business

Interesting, isn’t it? In any case, the book provides some unexpected and useful information. “Or did you know that a 200-kilo silverback gorilla has a penis that is just three centimetres long? When not erect…five centimetres when erect.” Anyone who is unable to derive any changes in behavior from the descriptions is given another guide at the end to help us make our own contribution to a better world. The first step could be to buy this book, which will sober you up, shake you up, make you tear your hair out, sometimes make you smile, but above all motivate you to help mitigate the ecological crisis.

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