The Zierart – Textile Challenge

We are delighted to welcome the next Rostock-based company on board.
Textile finisher Zierart is also trying to meet the challenges of the 21st century and fulfill its responsibility in dealing with the resources it consumes. The young company has focused on sustainability and fairness right from the start. In order to move a little closer to the predicates green and sustainable, Zierart will plant a tree and protect one square meter of rainforest for every 50th T-shirt refined in the future. True to the motto “Preserve existing forests, create new forests.”

Zierart introduces itself

Managing Director Rene Zynda: “We are proud to be able to say that the majority of our production processes and process technologies do not lead to any additional environmental impact. The industry is changing and so are our customers. The demand for organic and eco-labels is steadily increasing and now accounts for almost 50% of the textiles we finish. A development that we are pleased to see and that we are happy to follow.”

Our contribution to the environment

  • 560 trees planted
  • 560 m2 of protected rainforest
  • 224 t tons of offset CO2