The men's time-out challenge

We have been working on our annual men’s outing again and again, scouring the Internet for days on end for ideas, places and events. Always the same questions – where are we actually going and what can we do? The main thing was to BE TOGETHER, that was clear, but also a good portion of “LET’S HAVE FUN”. Now we want to combine these wonderful experiences with a good cause and plant a tree for every new supplier on our site and also protect 1m² of rainforest in the Amazon.

Men’s time out introduces itself

But apart from the fun, the search was a lot of effort. Eh` guys, there must be an easier way! Come on, let’s do it ourselves – that was the only right answer! FOR US and FOR YOU out there. And now let’s just have fun. MEN, here’s to FRIENDSHIP and TOGETHER… this is your TIME. And we are the compass when it comes to your very own AUSZEIT. At the beginning there is our platform, let’s call it our Internetseite. And it’s for us “men” who are looking for a place for a great break, either for a day or an extended weekend, but also for the “things” that men “do”. We started with MV, with northern Brandenburg and Schleswig-Holstein. And if we have our way, it can then continue.

Which providers are we looking for?

First and foremost, we are thinking of all those who have something to offer for such an OFF-TIME. Examples that come to mind are canoe rental, karting, climbing, water skiing, motorboat rental, barbecue school, beer tasting, bunker tours, quad tours, mountain bike tours, motorcycle rental, water sports in general, fishing guide, flight simulator, escape rooms, surf and SUP course, excavator driving, tank driving, barista course, clay pigeon shooting, paint ball and, and, and. We were and still are quite surprised at what is available.

But we also have the idea that events, individual hotels, restaurants etc. can find their place with us – pure ENJOYMENT.

What do the providers get?

The providers are fixed on the map, which is implemented on the page, with exact location and there opens the business card which is provided with logo, description of the offer, picture and link to the website. In the NEWS section we then present short, snappy articles (including portraits about you). It should be a colorful mix.

We don’t want to be a booking platform, just a “scrapbook” for all these ideas, providers and places. We just provide the impetus… to the right great MEN’S TIME OUT.

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Our contribution to the environment

  • 5 trees planted
  • 5 m2 protected rainforest
  • 2 t of offset CO2