The check-out challenge

Together with, we have set ourselves an ambitious challenge. Our goal is to convince 1,000 Loma customers to use CO2-neutral. With the check-out, the online farm store offers its customers the opportunity to pay just €5 for the transportation of their goods CO2 neutral. The motto here is the same: A contribution of just €5 plants a tree and protects 1 m² Rainforest from economic exploitation and deforestation. Following the Plant for Future’s motto: “Create new forests, preserve existing forests.”

How did the partnership come about?

Max from and Felix from Plant for Future got to know each other during their joint military service and became friends. Unfortunately, they parted ways shortly afterwards. And yet neither of them would have dreamed that thoughts of environmental and climate protection would bring them together again 10 years later. In their search for trustworthy partners, the two friends met again. As honorable as the shared ambitions are, the reasons for them are just as urgent. This is clear to both of them and they quickly found the right idea to combine the commitment of their companies. For the sake of our climate, our nature and ourselves.

Loma introduces itself

“From Farm to Fork”, “From Farm to Table” and “From Factory to Hand”. These guiding principles determine our business activities, our actions and even our development at No wholesalers, fair prices for the producer and respectful treatment of the dedication and performance that goes into every single product. It almost goes without saying, but it is worth mentioning environmental protection and sustainable management. We do that on the side. In our eyes, however, the concept of sustainability encompasses not only the ecological side, but also the social and economic aspects.

We bring together knowledge from food production and agriculture and merge it with the digital world. is an online marketplace that gives small to medium-sized manufacturers and farms the opportunity to offer their products for sale with a wide digital reach. Through us, customers are able to eat regionally and know exactly where their products come from. We live in a rapidly developing world. At the same time, however, we are living in a time in which consumers are becoming increasingly critical of product quality. The desire for identity and background is growing.

Global trade continues to expand. The raw materials are produced on one continent, processed on the next and consumed on the third. These long transportation routes have a negative impact on the CO² balance of the individual product. There is often a lack of trust in the products offered at low prices in discount stores. In addition to the many positive effects, these are the downsides of globalization. In addition, many people develop intolerances to certain ingredients such as gluten. But does it have to be like this? Definitely not! We have healthy food of outstanding quality in our home country.


What does regional mean? Regional is a very emotional term. For some, this is the environment in which they live. For others, they are regions to which they have an emotional connection. Many people simply associate the term regional with products from Germany. However, regional also always means identity and values that create trust in a product. With us, customers can decide for themselves what regional means to them.


By using our marketplace, you can make your contribution to the fight against climate change. Long transportation routes around the world are no longer necessary. This has a direct impact on the carbon footprint of the products and foods you use in your everyday life. You also support the economic development of your immediate surroundings.

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Don’t have time to visit the local weekly market or farm store? We deliver the products directly from the producer to you. Wholesale trade is excluded. The proceeds from the sale go directly to the vendor and to the expansion of our marketplace. We are convinced that is the right step towards fair and transparent trade.


By using, you support producers from your immediate vicinity or from other regions in Germany. We collect the offers from the various providers in numerous regions for you and make them clearly accessible to you. This makes the great cheese, the delicious wine or the nice smelling soap from your vacation very tangible again.

How does Loma work?

1: Regional suppliers list their products on with our help.

2: Environmentally and nutritionally conscious customers choose from a wide range of regional suppliers and order the products they want.

3: The supplier sends the goods directly to your home or office. This means that the products arrive fresh.

Our principles


At Loma you not only get really good food, drinks and everything else you need, but you also do something good with every order. For sustainability to work for a long time, it must be in balance in order to be sustainable. There are always three components without which it would not work.

The ecological component, which describes the use of natural resources.

The ecological component, which describes the use of natural resources.

The social component, which describes the use of human resources.

We don’t just want to sell products, we want you to make a direct decision for a product based on the information you receive from us. We want you to be able to enjoy yourself with a clear conscience. We want you to pay a fair price and know that the proceeds will go to the respective farm. We want a more sustainable future for you, for us and for our children. If you feel the same way, then we look forward to welcoming you.

Let’s change the market together!

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Our contribution to the environment

  • 20 trees planted
  • 20 m2 protected rainforest
  • 8 t tons of offset CO2