The ImmoFair - Fair to the environment challenge

ImmoFair – your sustainable real estate agent from Rostock. We stand for fair real estate brokerage and are actively committed to environmental protection. We offer our clients a reliable and professional real estate service and know the market in Rostock and the region very well. To help Mother Nature in the face of climate change, we plant a tree for every successful placement and also protect one square meter of tropical rainforest in the Amazon. More about this in our news .

ImmoFair introduces itself

ImmoFair Rostock has been offering competent real estate services for 7 years. The company specializes in the marketing, letting and sale of commercial, investment and residential properties.

The entire ImmoFair Rostock team comes directly from the region. As a result, we have a large network and know the market, the properties and the local people very well.

Purely a marketing company

We concentrate on what we are good at and on what is important to us: Real estate and our customers. We do not do business on the side and can therefore provide the best service.

Tested quality

All ImmoFair Rostock employees have completed or are in training to become a real estate agent or higher.

Focus on our customers

As an owner-managed real estate agency with extensive regional market knowledge and industry expertise, we have been successfully supporting our clients for 7 years in all matters relating to real estate.

Our services for owners

With a free property valuation, you can obtain a preliminary assessment of the value of your property – without registering and without obligation. Take advantage of our unique service.

Selling a property

When selling real estate, there are many important factors that need to be considered in order to make the project a success. You can find more information here.

Rent a property

Letting apartments or houses requires not only detailed specialist knowledge, but also extensive market knowledge and a reliable network. You can find more information on successful letting here.

Our services for buyers

Thanks to our regional focus and years of experience, we can find a property for you. Simply contact us and in a non-binding consultation we will look for a solution to bring you one step closer to your dream property!

Large range of real estate

Browse our range of properties in Rostock and the surrounding area. If you have any questions about individual properties, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Plan financing

In many cases, suitable financing is required for the purchase of a dream property. There are many ways to achieve the goal of “the perfect mortgage”.

Our services for property developers and investors

Find out more about our expertise in all aspects of project development.

Advice on investments

Are you planning an investment? We at ImmoFair will be happy to advise you on this free of charge and without obligation.

Commercial real estate & investment projects

We also offer commercial real estate and investment properties. Find out more here

Our services for property developers and investors

Have you heard that your neighbors are putting the house up for sale? Or know who wants to sell their apartment? Do you know of a property that is to change hands? Let us reward you for your tip.

ImmoFair provides training

We are proud to have been a training company for years, producing highly qualified experts in the real estate sector.

ImmoFair supports

As a company based in Rostock, we have a great interest in supporting regional sports clubs and organizations.